Scholarship of Cometan

The scholarship of Cometan refers to the body of academic works written for and under ownership of an academic institution that are attributable to Cometan. The scholarship of Cometan was initiated when Cometan began his bachelor's degree at the University of Central Lancashire at the age of eighteen. Cometanic scholarship developed further as Cometan entered his master's degree and P.h.D. courses at the University of Central Lancashire. The scholarship of Cometan also includes Cometan's verified contributions to Astronist scholarship which is the body of scholars and their works regarding some aspects of the Astronist religion or the Astronic tradition which was developed during the latter years of The Founding of Astronism era.

Collection of Cometanic articles

Below is the collection of verified articles attributed to the authorship of Cometan published across various platforms and publications dealing with a variety of topics and themes.

Collection of Cometan's Masters Degree works

Cometan embarked on a Masters Degree in Religion, Society & Culture at the University of Central Lancashire whilst simultaneously preparing the research for his P.h.D.


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